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Behavioral Science + Computer Science to Enable Upward Mobility

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For generations, America has embraced the ideal of being a land of opportunity — a country where every person has a shot at the American dream. Unfortunately, we are far from achieving this ideal, with factors such as household income, race, gender, and neighborhood reducing opportunities for many in America.

Recent advances in Behavioral Science and Computer Science have significant potential to help more Americans make the most of their talents. By understanding how people make decisions and follow through (or not) on those decisions, combined with the capabilities of modern computing, we have a powerful new set of tools for promoting economic and social mobility for all.

This public call for ideas asks you to put forth proposals for how to make the most of these new tools in a fair, accountable, and transparent way to foster upward mobility for individuals, families, and communities in America.

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Ideas Framework

How can Behavioral Science and Computer Science come together to help overcome factors that limit upward mobility for segments of society in America?


Five winners will receive


A pass to the ideas42 Behavioral Summit 2018 in New York City




The chance to share your solution idea with Schmidt Futures, investors, and philanthropists at the Behavioral Summit 2018